Alternative Investment Advisory
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What are alternative investments?

Alternative investments are assets that do not fall under the conventional investment categories (stocks, bonds and cash). Previously, most of these assets used to be held by institutional investors and high net worth individuals. They are now, however, becoming increasingly accessible to other investors as well. Alternative investments include the sub-categories Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Real Assets, Derivatives, and Structured Products.

Why Alternative Investments?

As alternative investments continue to grow in popularity, individual investors have access to such sophisticated investments which were previously only accessible to a select few investors with huge sums of capital.

The performance of alternative investments typically does not correlate with that of the capital markets. These investments add diversification to portfolios. They can help mitigate volatility and provide potentially higher returns.

How we can help

With the alternative investments market attracting an increasing number of investors, we are dedicated to serving their unique needs. It is becoming more important than ever to identify the opportunities that best suit you as an investor.

We advise our clients through every step of the way and beyond– from identifying opportunities to channeling resources and monitoring investments. We primarily advise our clients on opportunities in Real Estate and Private Equities.

Identification and Evaluating Opportunites
Due Diligence
Channeling Funds
Monitoring Investments