Equity Research
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Why equity research is necessary

A lack of information makes markets inefficient. It results in stocks being undervalued/overvalued. The profits earned by a company in which you have invested may not show in your investment accounts due to such inefficiencies. Research adds value by filling in the information gaps. This division of labor and specialization keeps every investor from analyzing every stock, saving thousands of hours of time in the investment process cycle, thus, making the markets more efficient.

How we can help

We understand your investment objectives and risk appetite, and analyze companies to assess their suitability to be included in your portfolio. Our analyses cover the following aspects—

Industry Research
Management Overview
Financial Results
Financial Modelling
Trend Analysis
Identifying and Evaluating Alternate Opportunities

Apart from the above, we believe that the investors are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact of their investment decisions on the future of the planet (be it environmentally, or socially), which is why we find it integral to incorporate the ESG factors into our analyses. So, we not only analyze companies from a conventional perspective, but also using the ESG framework.