Performance Reporting
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Why performance reports?

Performance reports provide investors and other stakeholders the information they require to make well-informed decisions about whether funds' risk-reward relationships are appropriate to their specific needs. The accurate and timely production of performance reports are key to maintaining client trust and confidence.

How we can help

Our team of advisers are backed with perfect blend of professional credentials and decades of experience in investment industry.

We strive hard to identify most suitable accounting and performance reporting solutions aligned with the customer’s personalized requirements.

As professional adviser, we offer clear advice on the most appropriate accounting and performance reporting solutions as per your needs.

Our Roles

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We can assist you in selecting and implementing solutions which best suit your requirements on investment accounting and performance reporting. We can manage books and records of investment portfolios for individuals, partnerships, corporates, trusts, or any other legal entities.

We can assist you in building the composites/aggregations so as to track investment performance at each level of aggregation, from the instrument level to the total fund level. Based on the requirements performance can be tracked at different aggregation levels i.e., managers, custodians, asset classes, Industry sectors, countries and currencies etc. To ensure reliable performance results, data quality checks are instigated.

Evaluate performance across the aggregates using suitable methodology (i.e., Money Weighted Return or Time Weighted Total Return or IRR). Further insights will be drawn by measuring the performance against its benchmark and the active return can be analyzed to evaluate the fund managers investment decisions.

The Performance Attribution Report helps you to determine how the portfolio manager’s asset allocation and selection of securities decisions affects the portfolio's performance when compared to the performance of its benchmark. The risk-based performance attribution decomposes excess return to active risk factor exposures. The Total Fund level attribution analysis can be used to get the insights on asset allocation decisions (i.e., Tactical vs Strategic).

We will ensure that performance calculation and presentations are in line with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). As an independent third-party verifier, we can assess whether your firm has complied with all the composite construction requirements of the GIPS standards on a firm-wide basis.